Lebron’s Salty Tears and The Celebrating Bandwagoner

This is a two-in-one cocktail post! And to be quite honest, we wrote this… probably a week ago because we thought the Dubs would win easily.

And… they didn’t. Oops.

But we’re posting it because let’s just pretend the Dubs won anyway. Also, the drinks are damn tasty and we’re currently drinking our sorrows away. 

One of us is a diehard, bitter basketball fan that remembers Lebron before his recent likeability public-relations turnaround and perhaps takes an unhealthy amount of glee in his loss. I still remember The Decision and #checkmystats, Lebron. #neverforget

The other one is a bandwagoner that is just so excited about the Warriors… he always knew that Stephen Curry and the other members of the team (what were their names again?) were incredible. Ever since he started watching, which was… around the Semifinals.

One champagne flute filled with champagne and one small cocktail glass filled with amber liquid and topped with a lime

Lebron’s Salty Tears

This rather straightforward recipe is a salty, intensely bitter, and utterly delicious. It contains Crown Royale (because Lebron crowned himself “King James”), Cynar (arti-CHOKE liqueur), honey, and sea salt.

Unfortunately, I have to eat my words on that one. I guess you’re King after all, Lebron. Cheers.

The Celebrating Bandwagoner

Our other oh-my-god-we-are-totally-going-to-win-this-one drink was inspired by the Bandwagoner among us. We added Domain de Canton because it was a bit golden… and because we have not used it at all since purchasing the bottle. Add champagne on top of it and you get a resulting cocktail that is a gingery effervescent treat. 

Lebron’s Salty Tears


  • 2 oz Crown Royale
  • .75 oz Cynar 70
  • .25 oz Honey
  • Pinch of Sea Salt
  • Lime Twist garnish


  • Cocktail glass


  1. Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice
  2. Stir and strain into cocktail glass
  3. Garnish with lime twist.

Celebrating Bandwagoner


  • 1 part Domaine de Canton
  • 3 parts Champagne


  1. Add all ingredients to champagne glass
  2. Celebrate the win while telling everyone you’ve been the #1 Warriors Fan for, like, literally forever. Cheers!

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