Guide to How We Review Whiskies

Our whisky reviews take into account taste and price, with a heavy weight on taste over price.

In general, our rating system goes as follows:

10 - Manna from Heaven. Buy a bottle… and buy a spare!

9 - Near-perfect. Purchase for sure.

8 - Excellent. Remarkably above average. Purchase.

7 - Good whisky. Some distinguishing qualities that separate it from the herd.

6 - Interesting. Purchase if I’m drunk.

5 - Average. Not exceptional in a good way or a bad way. Would only order a dram of this at an understocked bar, and at a discount.

4 - Not for me.

3 - Why would you make this? :(.

I hope we’ll never have to venture down to a 1 or a 2.

Also - we almost-always write our reviews before we “do our research” and see what others think. This is to provide as unbiased of an opinion as possible!

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