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Your Drunken Diplomats

Welcome! We are a San Francisco blog duo writing about cocktail recipes and spirits (primarily whisky but also rum) reviews. Sometimes we’ll sprinkle in some travel-related information, like our favorite bars and distilleries.

The blog started out because the condo we ended up moving into had a small built-in custom bar built by the previous owner. So we began accumulating booze. Pretty soon, the bar started overfilling – so instead of having children, we turned our second bedroom into a whisky room. Because priorities.

The blog has grown from the early days of just a few recipes to covering everything we find delightful that is alochol-related, including reviews of every top bar in the world and a catalogue of the best spirits we have gotten to try.

We hope you enjoy the blog and welcome any comments you have. If you would like to directly contact us, you can at michael@drunkendiplomacy.com and sylvia@drunkendiplomacy.com.

About Sylvia:

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Eating like a barbarian

Sylvia is a Mongolian savage that loves peaty scotch and brazilian jiu jitsu (BJJ). The scotch love developed because it is much better than Mongolian fermented horse milk (the official drink of Mongolia).

During the week, she can be found at her startup Sigray, building x-ray scientific equipment. During the weekend, she can be found drinking scotch or one of Michael’s experimental concoctions.

She secretly likes haggis. And unsecretly likes licorice.

About Michael:

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Eating tiny food

Michael likes spirit forward and citrusey cocktails, and has a burning passion for Jamacian funky rum.

During the week, he is the Senior Director of Twitch Developer Experience Business. During the weekend (and weeknights), he experiments with cocktail recipes that are usually booze-forward.

He is also a political nerd, history buff, and notorious potty-mouth.

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