Rum Reviews #1 and #2: Rum SixtySix Barbados Foursquare Cask 6 Year and 12 Year

Rum Sixty Six Barbados Foursquare Cask 6 Year

4 out of 10. Nope.

Summary: “Aged vodka.”

Overview: Bland - like rice with some caramel extract.

Bought for: $12/1 oz at Smuggler’s Cove SF

Rum Sixty Six Barbados Foursquare Cask 12 Year

5 out of 10. Buy at a discount at understocked bar.

Summary: “Caramel extract.”

Overview: Tannic oak with caramel extract. Needs water.

Bought for: $20/1 oz at Smuggler’s Cove.

Our rating system

Originally, we actually started getting into whisky via the path of rum at Smuggler’s Cove. So it feels a bit late to only begin posting reviews of rums, since we’re both now Master’s of the Cove, with over 110 rums each and our names on the wall, which is a far cry from our early day of being Disciples of the Cove (a title given when you drink and read your way through the educational introduction chapters). But better late than never, amirite?

We tried this on a Monday evening - at the first Rumbustion Recruitment event aimed at getting new people to join our cult of rum drinkers. Along with the night is a 10% discount, so it was a good time to try new things. And because Foursquare generally produces some good stuff, we selected these two.

Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery

Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery

Tasting Notes: 6-Year Rum Sixty Six Extra Old, Foursquare Distillery.

Nose: Not a strong nose. Tight, ethanol, vanilla, slight cherry cough syrup

Palate: It’s not overly sweet like many rums (Richard Seale is massively dismissive of the “added sugar” in rums), which I appreciate. However, it also lacks a lot in flavor. There’s some sweet rich and caramel, but it’s light tasting with just a hint of sweet spice. It feels muted.

Tasting Notes: 12-Year Rum Sixty Six Cask Strength, Foursquare Distillery.

Nose: Caramel and strong vanilla. Alcohol. Salted caramel and brown sugar. Cough syrup.

Palate: Strangely sweet - a bit like artificial Splenda sugar - with the addition of caramel extract. The finish has tannic oak and burn. I wrote down “needs water” (but not surprising, since it’s 59% ABV).

Overall, I really tend to enjoy Foursquare rums and I especially like their popular cask finishes. But these just felt a bit staid in flavor. Calling the 6-year “aged vodka” is admittedly a bit harsh, but it was the descriptor that jumped to mind when I was jotting this in my notebook. We found neither exceptional, but now that I’ve researched the Sixty Six line, I’m very interested in trying their popular 12 year Family Reserve.

Additional Information

  • ABV: 40% (6-year) and 59% (12-year cask strength)

  • Both: Sugarcane

  • Both: Blend of pot still and traditional column still

  • Minimum 6 years and minimum 12 years respectively in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels (Jack Daniels)

  • Bajan Rum (St. Philip Barbados)

About Foursquare:

  • Run by Richard Seale, one of the more polarizing master distillers out there

  • The “age statement” of Foursquare follows whisky rules, with the age being the minimum age of the spirit. In comparison, most rum brands use a more deceptive “solera ageing” and instead list the age of the oldest rum in the blend.