Northern California and Bay Area Distilleries

Northern California and Bay Area Distilleries

The Bay Area is home to at least 16 distilleries and more are popping up every year. We've treid to maintain an up to date list of Northern California distilleries. If you see something missing please contact us and let us know!

Distilleries with blue pins offer tours. Those with purple pins don't. Last updated 8/5/2018

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Northern California Distillery Reviews

St. George's Distillery

The granddaddy on the block, St. George's was started in 1982 as an eau de vie (brandy) distiller. Over the years, under the leadership of distillers Jörg Rupf and Lance Winters, St. George's has blossomed into a creator of an eclectic set of innovative spirits. They have an excellent tour which covers the history of the distillery and of the Bay Area's craft distillation movement, the production of their spirits, and a section on the creation of their absinthe. We wrote a full review here of St. Georges here.

Seven Stills Distillery

Located in South Eastern San Francisco, Seven Stills Distillery is just three years old. They have an interesting concept: creating whiskey from craft beers. The team took home gold and bronze medals in the 2014 San Francisco World Spirits competition. The distillery offers a short tour and a tasting of their collection of lightly aged, overproof whiskies.

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